Ofgem appoints Utilita Energy to take on customers of Eversmart Energy

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Ofgem has appointed Utilita Energy Limited to take on supplying Eversmart Energy Limited’s domestic customers, and the small number of business customers. This follows an appointment process run by Ofgem to get the best deal possible for customers.

All outstanding domestic and non-domestic customers’ credit balances, including money owed to both existing and former customers of Eversmart Energy, will also be honoured.

For existing customers, energy supplies will continue as normal as they switch over to Utilita Energy on Wednesday 11 September.

Customers of Eversmart Energy will be contacted over the coming days about the changes. If customers wish to switch supplier they should shop around. Customers will not be charged exit fees if they decide to switch to another supplier.

Philippa Pickford, Ofgem’s director of future retail markets, said:

“I am pleased to announce we have appointed Utilita Energy for the customers of Eversmart Energy. Their energy supply will continue as normal, and domestic credit balances will be honoured.

“Utilita Energy will be in contact with customers over the coming days with further information. Once it’s been completed, customers can shop around for a better deal if they wish to.”

Eversmart Energy customers with questions should visit Utilita Energy Limited’s website: www.utilita.co.uk/supply-transfer or call 01962 679 098.

Utilita Energy will be in touch with customers with direct debits to explain how to set their account.

More information for Eversmart Energy customers can be found on the Ofgem website.

Notes to editors

  • Eversmart Energy’s customers will be supplied by Utilita Energy as of Wednesday 11 September 2019. Accounts will be fully set up over the coming weeks.
  • Eversmart Energy, had around 39,000 domestic customers (not 29,000 as previously stated) and a very small number of business customers.
  • Utilita Energy will be in touch with customers in the coming days. Any questions customers have should be directed to https://utilita.co.uk/help/supply-transfer or call: 01962 679 098.
  • Utilita Energy will honour the credit balances of current and former domestic and non-domestic Eversmart Energy customers.
  • Current and former customers who owe money, or are in debit to Eversmart Energy should wait to hear from Utilita Energy or Eversmart Energy’s administrators.
  • Pre-payment customers can continue to top up as normal while their account with Utilita Energy is set up; once their account is set up with Utilita Energy they will receive a new top up card.
  • Utilita Energy will be in touch with customers with direct debits to explain how to set up their account.
  • Customers can find support and advice on the Ofgem website. Alternatively, if they need additional support, they can call Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06 or email them via webform, or get in touch through Ofgem’s facebook or twitter feed @ofgem

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Utilita: James Rose 02381 000139 or 07714 710480 JamesRose@Utilita.co.uk

Ofgem: Ruth Somerville 0207 901 7460 or 07990 139504 ruth.somerville@ofgem.gov.uk

Ofgem media out of hours mobile: 07766 511470 (media calls only)