Multi-purpose Interconnectors Pilot Regulatory Framework


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This document sets out the application process and eligibility criteria for the upcoming Multi-purpose Interconnectors (MPIs) Pilot Regulatory Framework. We have included guidance on which types of projects would be considered eligible, what submission material applicants should include in their application, detail on the one-way reopener mechanism and how the pilot scheme interacts with other ongoing workstreams relevant to MPI regulatory development.

The MPI Pilot scheme will be open from 1st September to 31st October 2022. Please note that we are accepting applications for the third interconnector window and the MPI pilot in tandem.

Further details on our needs case assessment framework for the Initial Project Assessment stage and how we plan to target the pilot scheme will be published in summer 2022.

Please send any feedback, questions or completed applications to

Page updated 31st August to provide new high level cost templates. Applicants should disregard old templates and submit this new version along with their submission. All other guidance remains the same.