List of all gas licensees including suppliers


Publication date

Industry sector

  • Supply and Retail Market
  • Distribution Network
  • Transmission Network
  • Generation and Wholesale Market

Licence type

  • Gas Interconnector Licence
  • Gas Shipper Licence
  • Gas Supplier Licence
  • Gas Transporter Licence

This page contains an up-to-date list of all gas licensees (including all gas suppliers).
The list comprises companies in the following categories:

  • Gas interconnector
  • Gas shipper
  • Gas supply (domestic & non-domestic)
  • Gas supply (non-domestic only)
  • Non-transporter / private network (without standard conditions)
  • Gas transporter: Distribution Network operators (DNs) and Retained DN
  • Gas transporter: independent Gas Transporters (iGTs)
  • National Transmission System (NTS) operator
  • Site specific pipeline operators
  • Smart Meter Communication.