Investigation into E (Gas and Electricity) Limited’s compliance under the gas and electricity supply licences (Standard Licence Condition 25 and 13)

  • Open
  • Decision proposed
  • Closed

The Gas and Electricity Markets Authority ("the Authority") has confirmed its decision to impose a financial penalty on E (Gas and Electricity) Ltd ("E") for its failure to comply with SLCs 25.2 (the sales and marketing objective) and 13.1(b) and (d) (arrangements for site access) of its Electricity and Gas Supply Licences.

SLC 25.2 requires suppliers to take all reasonable steps to achieve the Objective of SLC 25 and not do anything that jeopardises its ability to achieve that Objective of ensuring, among other things, that:

  • All information which the licensee or any Representatives provides does not mislead the Domestic Customer to whom it is directed and is otherwise fair both in terms of its content and in terms of how it is presented.
  • Such activities and all contact by the licensee or a representative with a Domestic Customer are conducted in a fair, transparent, appropriate and professional manner.

SLC 13.1 requires suppliers to take all reasonable steps to ensure that each Representative who visits a Customer’s premises on the licensee’s behalf:

(b) can be readily identified as a Representative of the licensee by a member of the public …


(d) is a fit and proper person to visit and enter the Customer’s premises.

The Authority considered it appropriate to impose a financial penalty for these contraventions. The Authority has imposed a financial penalty of £1 on E. This is in addition to £260,000 (less £1) that E has agreed to pay in voluntary redress. The redress will be paid into Ofgem’s new Voluntary Redress Fund (administered by the Energy Saving Trust) and the money will be used to the benefit of energy consumers.

Further details can be found in the final penalty notice.