Increasing the level of coordination in offshore electricity infrastructure: BEIS and Ofgem open letter to developers of offshore wind generation, electricity transmission licensees, and other interested parties

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Offshore Transmission Network

This letter sets out the action’s BEIS and Ofgem are taking to increase the level of coordination in offshore transmission infrastructure and calls for stakeholder views to support the Offshore Transmission Network Review.

Views would be particularly welcome from stakeholders who are either already pursuing some level of coordination or have identified an opportunity to do so whether on a local, national or international level (such as considering anticipatory investment in one project to enable a future project, or combining offshore wind and interconnector assets).

This information will be used by both Ofgem and BEIS to help capitalise on early opportunities that will deliver benefits for consumers and the wider energy system, as well as to inform future policy development relating to an enduring regime for connections post 2030.

To allow us to take views into consideration at an early stage of the review, we request that stakeholders contact us by 30 September 2020 using the email addresses below to express their interest in this work. We can then hold detailed discussions.

If you have any questions about this letter, or if you wish to discuss the detail of any developments, please contact and As the review progresses, there will be further opportunities for stakeholders to provide views.

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Neil Copeland