Final proposals and statutory consultation - Reviewing the Consolidated Segmental Statement

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Supply and Retail Market

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  • Gas Supplier Licence
  • Electricity Supply Licence

In May 2020, we published a policy consultation setting out our initial proposals to revise Standard Licence Condition (SLC) 19A of the Gas and Electricity Supply Licences and SLC 16B of the Electricity Generation Licence, ‘Financial information reporting’, which requires submission of a Consolidated Segmental Statement (CSS). This requirement applies to a ‘Relevant Licensee’ as a holder of an electricity or gas supply licence (or any Affiliates) granted, or treated as granted, who supplies electricity or gas to more than 250,000 domestic or non-domestic customers and is a holder of a generation licence (or any Affiliates). We invited views on our proposals and have since received responses to our policy consultation.

This document sets out our final proposals on various aspects of the CSS including scope, auditing and additional information. It also includes a final Impact Assessment (IA) and modifications to the licence conditions. Following this statutory consultation with our final proposals, we aim to publish the modification decision in the Autumn. The modifications will ensure that the CSS can continue to provide transparency to consumers and stakeholders and support our work in an evolving energy market.

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