Consumer Perceptions of the Energy Market Q4 2022

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Ofgem and Citizens Advice carry out a regular survey to monitor domestic consumers’ perceptions about the quality of service delivered by energy suppliers. Ofgem uses this information to support its monitoring and compliance activities. The survey has been running since late 2018. This report discusses results for the Q4 2022 tracking wave. Fieldwork was carried out in November - December 2022.

The survey covers a range of topics including satisfaction with energy suppliers, satisfaction with the dimensions of customer service and experiences of supplier support for consumers struggling with their energy affordability issues. It is conducted by Quadrangle Research on behalf of Ofgem and Citizens Advice. Each wave approximately 3000 domestic energy consumers across Great Britain are surveyed.

Key findings this wave are:

  • Similar to the previous wave, two thirds of customers are satisfied with their energy supplier, however, this remains near its lowest level since tracking began in 2018.
  • Perceptions of the core interactions that consumers have with suppliers are also stable across 2022 but sit at the lowest level since tracking began (customer service, contact ease, billing and complaints handling).
  • Consumers could benefit from more proactive support when they have run into debt – often the consumer reaches out first and they then aren’t offered support that they feel is appropriate for them.

Today, Ofgem published a policy consultation on proposals to drive up standards in the retail energy sector for all consumers (HTML). This consultation draws on evidence gathered in this survey. It includes measures to make it easier for customers in vulnerable circumstances to contact their supplier and to ensure customers who are struggling to pay their bills receive tailored support as soon as possible. These measures will, subject to consultation, be in place for winter 2023/24.

Ofgem is also consulting on an overarching consumer standards framework, which sets out how we plan to regulate to drive up existing standards, future-proof standards over the longer-term, and seeks views on how we can continue to most effectively monitor and track consumer standards issue going forwards.

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