Cap and Floor Regime Handbook


Publication date

Industry sector

Distribution Network

The purpose of this handbook is to:

  • explain what Ofgem’s cap and floor regime for electricity interconnectors is and where to find the main regime policy information;
  • provide up-to-date information on our implementation of, and changes to, the regime policy and design; and
  • provide key information on Certification, Access Rules and Charging Methodologies that apply to electricity interconnectors.

We are publishing this handbook for your general information. It is a working document. Where sections may need updating periodically, we will try to do this in a timely manner. We encourage you to contact Ofgem if you consider that any of the information is not up to date.

The document is not a formal decision or a substitute for the interconnector licence conditions. If any section of this document is unclear, or contradicts any part of an interconnector licence, then the licence takes precedence.