Call for Input for Data Best Practice

Call for input

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The UK government has made a commitment to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. As part of Ofgem’s developing vision for the future of the energy system required to meet this, we seek to unlock the value in the data generated by a fast-evolving energy sector to move towards a decentralised, low-carbon, digital future.

As the sector digitalises, Ofgem is reviewing its regulatory approach to keep pace. Among other activities; we are building our in-house capabilities including data platforms and new methods of ingesting data from industry participants, strengthening and broadening cyber security standards to ensure confidence and security in this increasingly digital system, and identifying new or potential data monopolies. Part of our new approach to regulating data in the energy sector is the Data Best Practice Principles (DBPP). This supports the Energy Digitalisation Strategy, in particular Action 4, in the creation of an agile regulatory environment, and our response to the Energy Digitalisation Taskforce.

As part of the RIIO-2 price controls, we introduced a Special Licence Condition, named “Digitalisation” to the relevant licences which obliges these licensed companies to act in accordance with the Data Best Practice Guidance (DBP Guidance), which outlines the DBPP. These eleven principles were intended as principle-based regulation to guide obligated companies through Ofgem’s expectations of them in dealing with data sharing and utilisation to enable the energy system of the future which will help to deliver Net Zero.

In this Call For Input, we set out and seek input from Stakeholders on:

  • The effectiveness or otherwise of the Data Best Practice Guidance in achieving the objectives as set out.
  • The changes which Ofgem is minded to make across the DBP Guidance.
  • The proposed expansion of entities which will be obligated to abide by the DBP Guidance.