Breakdown of a dual fuel bill


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The current breakdown of the dual fuel bill.

This chart shows an estimate of the different costs that make up an average dual fuel bill for a typical domestic customer of the large legacy suppliers. It is based on reported data from the large legacy suppliers’ annually reported statements (‘Consolidated Segmental Statements’) for the previous reporting year.

For more recent data informing the levels we set for the energy price cap, see the Ofgem Data Portal.

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The update of all profit and average bill indicators based on Consolidated Segmental Statements (CSS) has been paused. Only three large domestic legacy suppliers (British Gas, EDF and Scottish Power) and one non-domestic supplier (SSE) submit a CSS under existing regulation. This information is insufficient to generate market representative statistics. A review of the CSS obligation is in progress and we intend to resume the publication of these indicators as soon as new data becomes available.