Approval of modified Access Rules for the BritNed interconnector to apply in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal


Publication date

Industry sector

  • Supply and Retail Market
  • Transmission Network

Licence type

Electricity Interconnector Licence

BritNed Development Limited (“BritNed”) submitted proposed modified Access Rules (the BritNed Access Rules) for the BritNed interconnector to Ofgem on 19 February 2019.

The Access Rules set out the terms and conditions for access to, and including use of, the interconnector. BritNed will operate under these new rules in the event that a no deal EU Exit results in the loss of single day-ahead market coupling. Otherwise the current approved Access Rules will remain applicable.

We have decided to approve the BritNed Access Rules proposed by BritNed on the basis that they better achieve the relevant access rules objectives. This letter contains directions approving the BritNed Access Rules. A joint opinion between Ofgem and the Dutch National Regulatory Authority, the Authority for Consumers & Markets, on the BritNed Access Rules is included as a separate attachment.