Modernising Energy Data Update

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20th August 2019
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Modernising Energy Data

Catalysed by the Energy Data Taskforce (EDTF) report, we are collaborating with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Innovate UK and are being supported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to ensure consumers benefit from an energy market that makes the most out of modern digital and data opportunities.

We have already

We have already stated our intention to include EDTF recommendations in these regulatory position papers:

We have included the need to deliver the EDTF recommendations in our Ofgem strategic narrative: 2019-23. We have also highlighted the EDTF report in our response to the National Data Strategy call for evidence, where we urge government to consider whether these approaches to working with data can also be applied to other sectors in the economy.

We have also started making Ofgem metadata available, ensuring our own work continues to improve and meet modern needs too.

What you can expect

We are reviewing what other of our other data-related regulatory work could/should transition to align with the EDTF recommendations and so follow a common approach to modern data best practice.

More of our Ofgem metadata is being prepared to be made available and are updating our Digital, Data and Technology Strategy.

We are investigating the best approach to delivering the three 'enabling' recommendations from the EDTF report, including learning whether foundational work to support these might appropriately be delivered through innovation funding. We are also engaging with existing professional users of energy data and those who want to work with energy data, ensuring that our facilitation is done in a way that best meets their needs as they in turn work for energy consumers.

Get in touch - we want your feedback

We are keen to understand your perspective, your needs and your ideas. If you have views on the above that you would like to share, please do contact us at