Decision on a mid-period review for RIIO-T1 and GD1

Publication date
12th May 2016
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The RIIO-T1 and GD1 price controls have provisions for a mid-period review (MPR) of output requirements halfway through the price controls.

We have decided to launch an MPR for the RIIO-T1 price control looking at some specific issues in Electricity Transmission for National Grid Electricity Transmission and Gas Transmission for National Grid Gas Transmission. We have not identified any issues within scope of an MPR in RIIO-T1 for either of the Scottish Transmission Owners. We have decided not to launch an MPR for the RIIO-GD1 price control.

However, for both RIIO T1 and GD1 there are a number of important issues identified by us and stakeholders that we will be addressing through processes separate to the MPR. The separate work seeks to ensure effective output accountability by the licensees, fill in some gaps in the framework, and improve the operation of some of the mechanisms.