Policy and regulatory publications

Policy and regulatory publications

In this section you can find all of our policy and regulatory publications divided into three main sections: 

  • Company publications - these relate to individually named companies, filterable by categories such as company name and the licence they hold (where applicable)
  • Licence and sectoral publications - these relate to one or more licences or sectors, relevant to all licence holders or those with an interest in the sector in question. These publications are also filterable according to the licence or sector of interest.
  • Industry code publications - divided into publications that relate to code governance matters and those that relate to individual code modification decisions (filterable by each named code).

Many of these publications arise from named programmes of work, such as our RIIO network price controls or our Default Tariff Cap for consumers. If you wish to see these publications based on their programme, please see our list of active programmes and our list of forums and working groups.

All Ofgem publications

You can also search all of our publications going back to back to 1998 in our Master publication library