Our strategic vision

By 2025, our vision is for an energy system to be on track for net-zero, delivered in the interests of consumers, including:

  • Energy consumers receiving good value energy services and fair treatment from innovative, world-class, energy companies, with protections for the vulnerable
  • An electricity sector able to function without fossil fuels, with a growing share of low-cost renewables, alongside the development and deployment of other sources of low carbon power
  • Rapid growth in the use of electric vehicles (EVs), heat pumps and heat networks, and decisions taken on the role of hydrogen
  • To minimise costs, increasing levels of flexibility throughout the system, with energy consumers routinely using smart technology to shift demand
  • A data-enabled energy sector, with ubiquitous smart metering and open access to data stimulating new services and markets, and reducing costs. 

Our priorities and objectives

We have identified five areas where we believe we should focus our efforts to achieve the greatest impact, alongside our core regulatory responsibilities.

Our new strategic framework has two enduring priorities and five strategic change programmes to help deliver the transition to net-zero in the interests of consumers. 

Enduring priorities

  1. Protecting the interests of consumers by regulating the energy sector.
  2. Running current and new government schemes to support vulnerable consumers and advance decarbonisation.

Strategic change programmes

  1. To enable investment in low carbon infrastructure at a fair price.
  2. To deliver full chain flexibility in how we generate, use and store energy.
  3. To deliver a future retail market that works for all consumers and the planet.
  4. To unlock the benefits of data and digitalisation.
  5. To ensure energy system governance, including Ofgem, are fit for the future.

Every year we publish a Forward Work Programme (FWP). We use the FWP to explain in detail the work we will carry out over the next 12 month period to help us achieve our objectives.

The 2022/23 Forward Work Programme (FWP)

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