Gas security of supply

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

In Britain, gas is used to heat homes and provide energy to businesses. It is also used to generate electricity. 

National Grid, Britain’s gas system operator, publishes an outlook report on the availability of gas and electricity supplies ahead of each winter.

Their current outlook is that we will have more than enough gas to meet demand in all but the most extreme circumstances.

Our gas sources

We have one of the most reliable gas systems in the world.

Around half of our gas supplies come from our own North Sea gas fields. The remainder is imported from a variety of sources including Norway, the Continent, and across the world using liquefied natural gas.

This diversity means we are far less reliant on storage gas to meet our energy needs. In fact, less than 10% of the gas we use in winter comes from storage. 

Infographic guide: Keeping the gas flows in balance

Roles and responsibilities

The responsibility to deliver secure gas supplies is shared between gas shippers (including energy suppliers) and National Grid.

Gas shippers buy gas on the wholesale market to meet the needs of their customers.

National Grid makes sure gas is transported safely on the networks, and that the gas system is kept in balance.

The government sets the long-term direction for energy policy.

What does Ofgem do?

Our role is to make sure the gas market works properly and that there are no barriers to stop gas companies from doing their job.

Each year we run a seminar for industry and stakeholders to discuss different perspectives on the supply and demand outlook, plus the risks and challenges for the winter ahead. Find out more in National Grid Outlook Seminars.

Information and reports we have published on gas security of supply can be found in the publications and updates list below.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 19th Feb 2013
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
  • 1 Associated documents
A lecture given by Alistair Buchanan, Ofgem's CEO on 19 February 2013.

  • Published: 29th Nov 2012
  • Reports and plans
  • 4 Associated documents
This document contains an assessment of the medium to long term gas security risks to Great Britain. The report also contains some assessment of potential further measures to mitigate against these risks.

  • Published: 2nd Dec 2010
  • Reports and plans
  • 1 Associated documents
This Brattle report, commissioned after Project Discovery, investigates alternative trading arrangements for renewable generators. It is provided here to contribute to the debate on issues considered in DECC’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR) consultation.

  • Published: 24th Jun 2010
  • Reports and plans
  • 1 Associated documents
Survey conducted among domestic energy consumers to consider their attitudes to security of supply and the mix of energy sources and generation over the next 10-15 years.

  • Published: 18th Mar 2010
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
  • 3 Associated documents
Agenda for the Ofgem Energy Seminar in London, held on March 16, 2010.

  • Published: 3rd Feb 2010
  • Closed: 31st Mar 2010
  • Consultations and responses
  • 84 Associated documents
This document seeks feedback on the findings of our appraisal of the current arrangements and on the policy packages we have developed to address the risks and issues identified in relation to the delivery of secure and sustainable energy supplies.

  • Published: 13th Nov 2009
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
  • 6 Associated documents
On November 12, 2009, Ofgem held a Project Discovery Seminar to stimulate discussion around the main questions in the Project Discovery Consultation.

  • Published: 9th Oct 2009
  • Closed: 20th Nov 2009
  • Consultations and responses
  • 56 Associated documents
This consultation seeks views on the scenario and stress test analysis undertaken by Ofgem to identify the scale of the challenge and risks facing the GB and wider European and global energy markets over the next two decades.

  • Published: 26th Jun 2009
  • Reports and plans
  • 1 Associated documents
Energy regulator Ofgem is pushing on with project Discovery - its investigation into whether or not future security of supply can be delivered by the existing market arrangements over the coming decade.