Which technologies are eligible for FITs?

There are five eligible renewable and low-carbon technology types. These are:

  1. Solar photovoltaic (PV)
  2. Wind
  3. Micro combined heat and power (CHP)
  4. Hydro
  5. Anaerobic digestion (AD)

These installations must be located in Great Britain.

How do I apply?

You can apply for FIT support through one of two routes depending on the size and type of your installation:

  • Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS)-FIT accreditation  – for PV and wind installations with a Declared Net Capacity (DNC) up to and including 50kW and micro-CHP installations with a DNC up to and including 2kW who apply directly to a chosen FIT licensee.
  • ROO-FIT accreditation  – for PV and wind installations with a DNC greater than 50kW and a Total Installed Capacity (TIC) up to and including 5MW, and all AD and hydro installations up to and including 5MW, who apply to Ofgem E-Serve’s ROO-FIT team.

It is an applicant’s responsibility to make sure their application form is completed correctly and accurately and is promptly received by their chosen FIT licensee, or Ofgem E-Serve, as applicable.

What tariff will I receive and how long will I receive FIT payments for?

The tariff rate your installation will receive may be influenced by the following factors:

  • Tariff date
  • Technology type
  • Capacity
  • Whether or not your installation is an extension
  • The ‘site’ of your installation
  • Deployment cap your installation falls into
  • Energy efficiency requirements
  • Multi-site generator

Once fully accredited on the scheme, your chosen FIT licensee will confirm your installation’s tariff rate.

You will then receive FIT payments from the eligibility date of your installation and will continue to receive payments for the duration of the eligibility period.

The eligibility period period starts on the eligibility date date and lasts for:

  • Solar PV – 20 years (25 years for those with an eligibility date before 1 August 2012)
  • Wind – 20 years
  • Hydro – 20 years
  • Anaerobic digestion – 20 years
  • Micro-CHP – 10 years

To find out more please see our Feed-in Tariffs FAQ.

Tariff rates can be found on our FIT tariff page.

Need help?

For information about renewable electricity generation and how to join the FIT scheme, your initial point of contact should be the Energy Saving Trust.

For England and Wales, please contact The Energy Saving Advice Service free on 0300 123 1234. For Scotland, please contact Home Energy Scotland free on 0808 808 2282.

If you would like more information on applying for MCS-FIT accreditation, please see our MCS-FIT webpage  or contact your chosen FIT licensee.

If you would like more information on applying for ROO-FIT accreditation or the status of your ROO-FIT application, please see our ROO-FIT webpage and Feed-in Tariffs (FIT): Guidance for Renewable Installations. You can also contact the ROO-FIT team on

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