Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO)

Energy suppliers

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificates (REGOs) allow electricity suppliers to prove to their final customers that a given share of energy was produced from renewable sources.

Suppliers are required to hold REGOs in their accounts on the Renewables and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Register by midday on 1 July following the previous disclosure period (1 April to 31 March) as part of the evidence for Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD).

Requests to recognise EU Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) must also be agreed by this date.

Further information is available in the creating an account section of the Renewables and CHP Register guide, and on the transfer of REGOs in the guidance for generators.

Please note:  The Government will ensure that Great Britain and Northern Ireland will continue to issue REGOs and accept Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) from EU member states from 1 January 2021 (i.e. once the implementation period has expired). This will allow electricity suppliers in the UK to continue to use REGOs and EU GoOs to comply with their fuel mix disclosure obligations. We also expect market participants to be able to meet proof of supply requirements in GB whatever the arrangements are following the transition period, including explicit (no-deal arrangements for Continental interconnectors) trading arrangements.

Government has indicated its intention to review this in 2021 so that, longer term, domestic recognition of Guarantees of Origin issued in EU countries will take place only on a reciprocal basis.

Ofgem is unable to provide any guarantees with regards to whether UK REGOs retired by suppliers for the purpose of export out of the UK will be accepted in the EU. As such we encourage suppliers to seek independent advice on this aspect.

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