Scheme Closure

Key dates

The FIT scheme closed to new applicants from 1 April 2019, with some exceptions. 


No further applications for MCS-FIT installations can be made. 


ROO-FIT installations which already have preliminary accreditation can still receive full accreditation providing they apply within their preliminary accreditation’s validity period. In September 2020, the government amended legislation extending the validity periods for preliminary accreditations and pre-registrations which expire after 1 March 2020. The validity periods for ROO-FIT scale installations are as follows:

Standard validity period

The validity period granted to all preliminary accreditations. This is 6 months for solar PV, 12 months for wind and AD, and 24 months for hydro.

Community energy extension

The 6 month validity period extension provided where the installation will be owned by a community organisation.

Coronavirus extension

The 12 month extension provided by the FIT Coronavirus Amendment Orders. To receive this extension, the original validity period expiry date must be on or after 1 March 2020.

Grace Period

A further 12 months to apply if the installation has been affected by delays in grid connection or radar works. Although effectively extending the validity period, a grace period does not change the expiry date of the validity period.

If you are still eligible, you can find out how to make an application on our ‘how to apply’ page:

How to apply

FAQS for FIT Generators

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