Smart meter transition and the Data Communications Company (DCC)

Supplier Smart Metering Installation Targets

In January 2022 a new 4-year smart meter rollout obligation began which suppliers must comply with. The obligation will run until the end of 2025, and it ensures suppliers are subject to binding annual installation targets.

The first year of the new obligation has now ended and Ofgem is currently assessing suppliers’ end of year performance reports. We are aware that some suppliers appear to have failed to achieve their 2022 smart meter installation targets in line with their licence obligations. Ofgem will consider whether to take enforcement action in respect of any supplier which appears to have breached its licence conditions, in line with our Enforcement Guidelines.  

Should Ofgem decide to take enforcement action, further details will be published on our website.

Suppliers must publish their annual targets and their performance against these targets on their websites. The links to suppliers' annual targets and performance against them can be found in the dropdown lists below.