Metering is a central issue in the gas and electricity markets. It is an important area of our work, where we have a range of core regulatory functions in relation to metering. This includes regulating certain aspects of how network companies price metering services to protect consumers as competition develops.

We also participate in and lead a range of industry groups that oversee the arrangements governing the installation and management of metering assets.

Smart metering

Metering is at the centre of some key changes to electricity and gas markets over the next few years. The roll out of smart metering will entail the replacement of around 53 million gas and electricity meters by the end of 2020.

Regulation is required during this transition period from traditional to smart meters. To that end, we are providing independent regulatory expertise and advice to the government’s central programme responsible for delivering the rollout of smart metering.

We have also taken steps to put in place appropriate consumer protections, helping to make sure that consumers remain protected.

We aim to ensure an orderly transition from traditional metering and ensure that consumers interests remain protected.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 7th Sep 2009
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This open letter sets our view that it should be possible to meter the consumption of public lighting using Central Management Systems, subject to the development of appropriate technical standards.

  • Published: 24th Apr 2008
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In Ofgem’s October 2006 decision document1, we stated that we would carry out a review of competitive metering within 18 months of the removal of the obligations and price controls on electricity metering.

  • Published: 1st Apr 2008
  • Closed: 9th May 2008
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This letter seeks views on the potential impact of Central Management Systems technology for public lighting on the market.

  • Published: 17th Jun 2004
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This document discussed the options for the provision of metering on new distribution networks originally discussed in Ofgem's December 2003 consultation document.

  • Published: 17th Mar 2004
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Competition in Electricity Metering Services: Industry guidance V2.2.

  • Published: 5th Jan 2004
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Single Phase Import Meters operating under Export Conditions - Manufacturer Poll (December 2003).

  • Published: 16th Dec 2003
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The three options are: maintain the status quo with in area distribution network operators obliged to provide metering on all supply points (including those on new distribution networks) in their authorised area; change the regulatory regime so that all...

  • Published: 8th May 2003
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REMA Steering Group - Progress

  • Published: 30th Apr 2003
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Introduction by Maxine Frerk (Chair)

  • Published: 14th Mar 2003
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Ofgem considers that reducing regulatory uncertainty by providing such guidance is in the interests of consumers and consequently has produced this document.