Switching Programme

It is vital that energy consumers can easily, and with confidence, switch their energy supplier. Switching strengthens competition in the energy market, which in turn benefits consumers.

The current switching arrangements, developed in the late 1990s, are complex for suppliers and can lead to delays, errors and costs, which are often borne by consumers. 

Through the Switching Programme we are taking steps to radically transform current switching arrangements, and deliver faster, more reliable switching for consumers.

Our scope and approach

For full details of our scope and approach to the programme, see our:

Programme Products

The links below provide access to the approved E2E products that form the latest Design Baseline for the new switching arrangements. 

How we will engage

We will publish regular updates and outputs from our each of our working groups.

Key programme information

You can access the consultations and decisions related to the programme, along with documents from ad hoc workshops, in the publications and updates section below.

For a quick list of key publications and documents, click the 'Show' link in the box below.

Key programme information: Governance, schedule and principles

Transitional Phase Plan

For details of major programme deliverables and timeframes, see the Transitional Phase Plan

Blueprint phase governance and working group membership

Attendance at the industry working groups is by invitation only. If you would like further information about the issues being discussed at any of these meetings, please get in touch.

For information on the programme governance and working groups membership of the blueprint phase, please see:

Schedule of working group meetings and topics

Get the dates and topics to be discussed at each blueprint phase meeting in the schedule of working group and Design Authority meetings

Design principles

To guide our assessment of the options being developed for the new switching arrangements, we’ve developed design principles.

In May 2016 Ofgem modified the Data Communications Company (DCC) licence to set out new obligations for DCC’s role in the Switching Programme. By its licence DCC is required to contribute to the design of the Central Switching Service and switching arrangements to provide a platform for fast and reliable switching. This also requires DCC to procure the Relevant Service Capability that will underpin the new arrangements. 

To find out more about upcoming procurement opportunities, please visit: https://www.smartdcc.co.uk/about-dcc/future-service-development/switching-programme/

Need help?

If you have questions about the development of the new switching arrangements, please get in touch via our query form.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 18th May 2018
  • Guidance
  • 4 Associated documents
This suite of documents represents the detailed design for the CSS that will be required to deliver the new End to End Switching Design Arrangements.

  • Published: 20th Apr 2018
  • Open letters and correspondence
  • 1 Associated documents
Letter encouraging suppliers and meter operators to respond to IREG’s RFI to decide which data items to include in a reconciliation of meter technical details

  • Published: 16th Feb 2018
  • Factsheets
  • 6 Associated documents
The suite of products that represent the detailed organisational and data processes for the new End to End Switching Design Arrangements.

  • Published: 12th Feb 2018
  • Decisions
  • 8 Associated documents
Decision to overhaul switching to enable consumers to switch energy supplier reliably and quickly by simplifying and harmonising current arrangements.

  • Published: 9th Feb 2018
  • Factsheets
  • 8 Associated documents
The aim of these products is to plan to bring the E2E solution to market within the parameters of efficiency, time and quality set by programme governance.

  • Published: 9th Jan 2018
  • Consultations and responses
  • 1 Associated documents
Gemserv and Xoserve are consulting on developing a Market Intelligence Service (MIS).

  • Published: 6th Dec 2017
  • Open letters and correspondence
  • 1 Associated documents
This introduces and seeks views on Ofgem's proposals to create incentives for suppliers to improve switching performance by introducing automatic compensation

  • Published: 21st Sep 2017
  • Closed: 4th Nov 2017
  • Consultations and responses
  • 61 Associated documents
Consultation on proposals to deliver reliable and fast switching using a new Centralised Switching Service

  • Published: 27th Jul 2017
  • Closed: 29th Sep 2017
  • Consultations and responses
  • 33 Associated documents
This is a consultation to seek views on the potential benefits and risks from basing a new central switching service on the refreshed UK Link system.

  • Published: 26th Jun 2017
  • Open letters and correspondence
  • 1 Associated documents
On 16 June 2017 we sent an open letter to the MRA/SPAA ETWG expressing our support for the aims of the working group and desire for strong industry-led improvements on ETs. We indicated that it is vital that improvements are made by the ETWG to tackle...