The GB electricity distribution network

Electricity distribution networks carry electricity from the high voltage transmission grid to industrial, commercial and domestic users.

There are 14 licensed distribution network operators (DNOs) in Britain and each is responsible for a regional distribution services area. The 14 DNOs are owned by six different groups.

The DNO groups and individual DNOs are:

  • Electricity North West Limited
  • Northern Powergrid
    • Northern Powergrid (Northeast) Limited
    • Northern Powergrid (Yorkshire) plc
  • Scottish and Southern Energy
    • Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution plc
    • Southern Electric Power Distribution plc
  • ScottishPower Energy Networks
    • SP Distribution Ltd
    • SP Manweb plc
  • UK Power Networks
    • London Power Networks plc
    • South Eastern Power Networks plc
    • Eastern Power Networks plc
  • Western Power Distribution
    • Western Power Distribution (East Midlands) plc
    • Western Power Distribution (West Midlands) plc
    • Western Power Distribution (South West) plc
    • Western Power Distribution (South Wales) plc

View a map of the DNO's on the Energy Networks Association website.

In addition there are also a number of smaller networks owned and operated by Independent Network Operators (IDNOs). These are located within the areas covered by the DNOs

Since the DNOs are natural monopolies they are regulated by us to protect consumers from potential abuse of monopoly power.

In order to be able to distribute electricity through the network, DNOs and IDNOs must hold a licence. The licences contain conditions which, among other things, limit the amount of revenue which these companies can recover from their customers.

Further information on how the networks operate and where they are located can be found on the website of the Energy Networks Association.

Publications and updates

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