Decision on the statutory consultation on amendments to the Capacity Market Rules 2018


This letter sets out our decisions on changes to the Capacity Market Rules (the “Rules”) pursuant to Regulation 77 of the Electricity Capacity Regulations 2014 (the "Regulations").

Our decisions take into account the 34 formal responses we received to our statutory consultation on amending the Rules. These have been published alongside the original consultation document.

We have decided to take forward 32 rule changes this year. These Rule changes will come into effect when laid before Parliament in summer 2018, subject to the Parliamentary timetable. A Schedule which sets out the changes to the Rules implementing our decisions is attached to this page as Annex C.

We have decided to take forward a further seven changes with delayed implementation. These changes are not included in our amendments for this year, as we intend to lay them in Parliament in 2019. They are shown in Annex D.

Once the Rules have been laid before the Parliament we aim to publish the consolidation of the Capacity Market Rules.