Decision: Extending protections for non-E7 restricted meter customers (SLC 22G: Requirements for restricted meters)


In September 2020, we consulted on changes to Electricity Standard Licence Condition (SLC 22G) to extend these protections until the year 2025 and give ourselves the power to extend these protections further if necessary.

This document outlines our decision to extend protections for the period of time suppliers need to comply with specific provisions of SLC 22G in line with the revised smart meter rollout framework. In this document, we outline the reasons for the decisions we have taken, following consultation, and their intended effect.

Alongside this document, we have published the modification decision and reasons for our decision to modify standard licence condition 22G. The changes set out in the modification published alongside the decision will take effect on and from 00:01 on 27 December 2020.