Electricity generation mix by quarter and fuel source (GB)


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Source: BEIS Energy trends section 5: Electricity (ET 5.1) .

Information correct as of: July 2019

This chart shows quarterly totals of electricity generation by technology type for the GB National Electricity Transmission System, as well as net imports.

Policy Areas:

  • Electricity - wholesale markets

Data Table

Electricity generation mix by quarter and fuel source (GB)
DateCoalOilGasNuclearHydro (natural flow) Wind (onshore and offshore) and SolarBioenergyPumped storage (net supply)Other fuelsNet imports (Interconnectors)
Q1 200647.562.0629.9820.521.111.092.37-0.340.871.4
Q2 200628.55133.6918.210.960.792.13-0.250.782.86
Q3 200626.861.0735.3617.240.671.012.11-0.310.81.62
Q4 200638.521.2938.7313.261.821.352.49-
Q1 200737.021.2242.8214.121.941.652.26-0.280.761.12
Q2 200724.11.0343.4713.730.840.931.96-0.280.860.89
Q3 200725.620.8136.5515.730.941.191.98-0.330.92.66
Q4 200742.291.439.5513.661.311.512.34-0.340.780.54
Q1 200833.421.0347.6113.141.972.222.18-0.290.812.42
Q2 200826.291.2141.9311.080.841.272.05-
Q3 200822.011.5243.2810.960.731.312.07-0.350.683.72
Q4 200836.332.1340.1712.491.572.352.32-0.350.741.33
Q1 200937.811.8837.2715.41.562.62.53-0.330.780.57
Q2 200919.11.0338.1116.450.911.982.28-0.260.712.78
Q3 200915.571.0342.0716.
Q4 200925.321.4246.0114.811.62.62.57-0.290.74-1.3
Q1 201030.971.2947.3316.520.842.432.7-0.290.6-1.69
Q2 201018.550.8344.6812.610.651.672.66-0.270.631.42
Q3 201018.811.0340.1111.820.852.772.84-0.230.612.76
Q4 201033.861.1640.3415.491.233.452.94-0.280.560.18
Q1 201133.360.8137.5917.671.293.412.99-
Q2 201118.090.5136.2517.41.133.692.8-
Q3 201118.150.737.9214.311.223.122.98-0.230.732.36
Q4 201133.410.7932.0513.2825.993.07-0.240.531.27
Q1 201239.910.7726.7115.621.825.253.45-0.260.731.99
Q2 201229.630.6124.7716.830.794.332.63-0.240.813.12
Q3 201227.310.522.5416.381.054.913.11-0.250.824.06
Q4 201238.670.724.2515.121.636.713.75-0.270.822.7
Q1 201339.30.4726.7116.611.246.923.58-0.270.792.81
Q2 201327.360.4223.714.050.967.194.4-0.260.833.56
Q3 201325.190.5420.9516.970.745.593.86-0.260.784.65
Q4 201331.730.4422.6616.51.7310.713.83-0.250.783.4
Q1 201432.770.4921.3115.012.2211.523.91-0.260.924.89
Q2 201420.960.4723.3315.
Q3 201415.080.4128.6214.220.776.695.12-
Q4 201426.270.3825.7412.771.7411.25.8-0.260.935.12
Q1 201528.040.4723.1916.51212.786.05-
Q2 201515.190.3823.0215.371.4111.446.1-
Q3 201512.170.4926.0615.041.029.926.11-
Q4 201516.580.525.7316.981.8213.687.14-
Q1 201613.940.333.4515.752.1612.997.45-
Q2 20164.340.5133.8215.130.9711.126.72-
Q3 20162.570.4132.0417.131.1911.935.38-
Q4 20168.250.4941.317.141.2511.636.62-0.31.431.61
Q1 20179.90.3437.2516.031.8814.57.64-
Q2 20171.460.3331.2216.20.914.86.67-
Q3 20172.050.4229.6216.511.313.596.61-
Q4 20177.970.3936.1515.161.7918.646.21-
Q1 20188.260.4636.2315.121.5719.186.43-0.270.945.38
Q2 20181.150.2831.5215.1115.137.52-0.240.955.15
Q3 20181.760.3128.5215.670.8915.167.68-0.20.934.93
Q4 20184.80.4732.813.211.9520.578.7-0.190.993.65
Q1 20192.890.2735.7612.631.7220.527.38-0.191.426.05

More information

Electricity generation mix: At-a-glance summary

The GB electricity system is undergoing a period of significant change as we transition from a large-scale conventional fossil fuel dominated generation mix to intermittent renewable generation. Over the past few years, we have seen a marked increase in output from wind and solar farms. Since 2015, the share of electricity generated from gas increased, while the share generated from coal decreased. This was partly due to improved economics for gas-fired generators.

Relevance and further information

The electricity generation mix is a useful indicator of trends in the diversity and origin of electricity in GB.


Positive values represent supplies to the GB system. This includes electricity produced by GB power stations and imports via interconnectors. 

Negative values represent supplies from the GB system (excluding end consumer demand). This includes power demanded by GB power stations and exports via interconnectors. 

Data marked as ‘(net)’ is underpinned by both positive (generation) and negative (demand) values. For instance, interconnectors can both import and export electricity. Similarly, pumped storage can both demand electricity to pump and generate electricity when releasing water through its turbines. As data is summarised as quarterly values, the net calculation for certain generation sources underestimates the full extent of generation and demand.

The data is updated quarterly using BEIS’ Energy Trends publication. Some historical figures may differ because of rounding.

Date correct
July 2019
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