Customer satisfaction: Six large electricity suppliers


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Source: GfK.

Information correct as of: February 2018

We expect certain things from our energy suppliers, like being able to contact them when we need to and clear utility bills we can understand. You can use this chart to compare how the six large electricity suppliers perform on these, alongside other customer satisfaction measures. The data comes from the GfK Energy Research Panel and covers the period between January and March 2017. From January 2017 onwards, a new methodology for the customer satisfaction survey has been used. Please see the more information tab for details.

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Policy Areas:

  • Domestic consumers

Data Table

Customer satisfaction: Six large electricity suppliers
British GasEDFE.ONnpowerScottishPowerSSE
Satisfied with supplier service71%68%71%65%68%74%
Satisfied with understandable bills73%71%74%70%70%73%
Satisfied with ease of contacting supplier75%68%70%65%65%75%
Would recommend supplier35%29%33%28%28%35%
Agree supplier values its customers44%29%36%29%29%38%

More information


This data comes from the GfK Energy Research Panel. It’s a semi-continuous, nationally representative panel of 10,000 homes in Great Britain. The panel provides ongoing satisfaction and switching information. The data is not for commercial use. 

Customers were asked the question 'How satisfied are you with the service you get from your current supplier?’

In 2017 Gfk changed their methodology in a number of ways that affect the comparability of data, wave on wave. From 2017 this data comes from an online survey, whereas prior to 2017, surveys were done online and over the phone. Also, prior to 2017, the five metrics presented were asked on a 5 point satisfaction scale. Customers were asked the extent they were satisfied with each aspect, and answered either very satisfied, fairly satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, fairly dissatisfied, very dissatisfied.

From 2017 these answer scales have changed. Overall satisfaction, ease of contact and ease of understanding bill are now asked on 7 point scales. For these metrics we now show the data for those who said extremely satisfied, very satisfied or fairly satisfied. Recommendation is now asked on a scale of 0-10. We are showing data for customers who said that their likelihood to recommend their supplier on a scale of 0-10 was 8 or above. The question on suppliers valuing customers has remained a 5 point scale and so the data presented remains the same (those who answered very satisfied or fairly satisfied).  


Date correct
February 2018
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