Actions for saving energy

Save money by learning how to reduce energy use and prevent heat loss

The actions and tips below can help you save money by giving you more control over heat and energy in your home. While some of these may be familiar to you already, the information below highlights a range of different actions that may be applicable to you and provides important details about how to carry these out in a safe and comfortable manner.

There are four types of actions you can take:

  • ‘Set it and forget it’ actions – these are one-off, quick fix actions that you can take to immediately reduce the amount of energy you use. These actions typically require no cost.  
  • Everyday small actions – these low effort actions propose changes to how we use appliances in our home on a regular basis, but typically require no cost.
  • Basic home improvements – these actions outline small improvements to help make your home more energy efficient. They typically require spending between £10 – 150, but once installed are a good way of reducing bills.
  • Larger home improvements – these actions suggest bigger changes to your home. These actions typically require more upfront cost but will reduce energy consumption for many years ahead. Some households (including private renters, social housing tenants and home owners) are eligible for a range of energy grants that cover some of the upfront costs. Check if you are eligible for grants on home insulation or boiler replacement.

Find the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of your home. Your property should have an EPC, whether you own or rent it. It is the energy “passport” of your home, showing what energy efficiency measures you already have and what can be improved. The EPC provides useful information about your property type (e.g., whether your walls have insulation and where your home could be improved).

Every home is unique and energy usage, and bills, are dependent on the type of home you live in, the appliances and systems you have and how you use them.

‘Set it and forget it’

Everyday small actions

Basic home improvements

Larger home improvements

These larger home improvements require more money upfront but can provide high-savings and reduce your energy bills.

Additionally, investing in these improvements not only reduces bills but can improve health & wellbeing too. Upgrading your home can help reduce damp, mould, draughts and condensation problems.

The Energy Saving Trust offers further advice on high-savings actions.

Further advice

Visit the Energy Saving Trust and National Energy Action websites for further advice on energy saving measures.

Your energy supplier can help if you are having difficulties with your gas and electric bills. You can get other grants and benefits too. See our guidance on getting help if you can’t afford your energy bills.