Partners and Directors

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

Here you can view the profiles and biographies of our partners and directors.


Dermot Nolan

Chief Executive Officer

Dermot joined us as chief executive officer in March 2014. He brings with him extensive leadership experience in energy regulation, market competition and the protection of consumers' interests having most recently been Commissioner at the Commission for Energy Regulation in Ireland from May 2008 and its Chair since May 2011. Prior to this, he was senior economic adviser at the Commission for Communications Regulation and was manager of the mergers division for the Irish Competition Authority. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, he undertook further study at Yale where he gained a PhD in Economics. He has lectured at the University of London, specialising in the areas of market structures and firm performance.

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Corporate Affairs

Kersti Berge

Head of Scotland

Kersti is the partner for Networks, with responsibility for regulated networks and the RIIO price controls.  She is also Head of Ofgem in Scotland with responsibility for liaising with key Scottish stakeholders and managing Ofgem’s office in Glasgow.  .  Prior to these roles she headed the Research and Analysis team in the Markets division where she was responsible for competition analysis, market surveillance and security of supply.

Before joining Ofgem, Kersti was a senior economic advisor at the Treasury where she was responsible for the medium term growth forecast. Prior to that she was a lecturer in economics at Oxford University

Mark Wiltsher

Associate Director, Media and Digital

Mark is associate director for Media and Digital at Ofgem. He was worked for the Civil Aviation Authority, as assistant director for Communications as well as for Ofgas, the former gas regulator. 

Eleanor Warburton

Associate Director, External Relations and Internal Communications

Eleanor Warburton is associate director for external relationships and internal communications at Ofgem. Her responsibilities include political relationships with Westminster, Scotland and Wales, stakeholder strategy and relationships, as well as Ofgem’s internal communications and correspondence.

Eleanor joined Ofgem in 2016 from DECC, where she was responsible for DECC’s policies on gas wholesale markets, security and networks and also led HMG’s strategic relationship with Ofgem. Prior to this, Eleanor worked in a number of departments in central Government for more than a decade, advising various Ministers on issues ranging from energy security strategy to counter-terrorism.

Improving Regulation

Martin Crouch

Senior Partner

Martin Crouch is senior partner, Improving Regulation at Ofgem. His current responsibilities include oversight of Ofgem’s enforcement team and supporting Ofgem’s regulatory policy development through central teams covering horizon scanning, sustainability, analysis and knowledge management.

Martin joined Ofgem in 2003 and during his time here has led teams responsible for electricity distribution, European markets, renewable and energy efficiency support schemes and electricity transmission, including interconnector development and offshore tenders.  From 2012 until early 2015, he chaired the Electricity Working Groups of the European regulatory bodies CEER and ACER.

Prior to joining us, Martin worked for an electricity company on commercial, financial and regulatory issues, including the sales of two British distribution and supply businesses and the renegotiation of financial arrangements for a power station joint venture. Before that, he was an economic consultant working primarily on regulatory and industry restructuring projects in the energy sector.

Pamela Taylor

Pamela Taylor

Partner, Enforcement & Innovation Link

Pamela Taylor is Partner for Enforcement and Compliance as well as Innovation. She is responsible for Ofgem’s approach to compliance and overseeing enforcement. She is also responsible for developing Ofgem’s Innovation Link, a service providing support to innovators in the market.

Pamela re-joined Ofgem in September 2016 having previously worked for Ofgem between 2004 and 2013. During her time with us she has led teams responsible for Enforcement cases, European markets and Gas Wholesale markets. From 2010 until early 2013, she chaired task forces in the Gas Working Group of the European regulatory bodies CEER and ACER. 

Between 2013 and 2016, Pamela was an economic consultant working primarily on competition investigations and regulatory projects in the energy sector.

Carola Geist-Divver

Partner, Legal

Carola joined Ofgem in 2013. She heads the legal team in the Improving Regulation Division. The team advises on enforcement policy and enforcement casework, compliance, sustainable energy policy, better regulation and information law.

Carola has extensive experience of practising law in the public sector. Prior to joining Ofgem, Carola held positions as deputy legal director in the Cabinet Office, the Department of Culture, Media and Sports and the Department for Education. Previously she was a senior lawyer in local government.

Joe Perkins

Joe Perkins

Partner, Analysis

Joe Perkins is chief economist and partner for analysis. He is responsible for Ofgem’s analytical strategy and quality assurance, and analysis of potential energy sector developments. He leads Ofgem’s economics profession, promoting the quality of economic analysis across Ofgem, and represents Ofgem economics in external forums.

Joe joined Ofgem in 2016. He was previously director for regulation, consumers and competition at the National Audit Office, and has worked as an economist at HM Treasury and Oxford University. 

James Waugh

Associate Partner

James became associate partner for Enforcement Delivery in January 2016. He has overall responsibility for all enforcement casework at Ofgem. James joined Ofgem in 2012 as Head of Enforcement Casework.  

After qualifying as a solicitor, James worked in the charitable sector before joining the Competition Commission (now CMA) as an inquiry manager/director. At the CC James worked on a range of sectoral, merger and market investigations.

Consumers and Competition

Rob Salter-Church photo

Rob Salter-Church

Senior Partner

Rob Salter-Church is the interim Senior Partner for Consumers and Competition. He is responsible for the regulation of the retail energy market; aiming to improve supplier conduct, help consumers to engage alongside targeted price protection to those who need it the most, enable competition and empower and protect consumers as we transition to a low carbon, smarter energy system.

Rob joined Ofgem in November 2013 to lead our work on smart metering and smarter markets, having worked in a number of departments in central Government for more than a decade, advising various Cabinet Ministers and the Head of the Civil Service on a range of policy areas, but with a particular focus on energy. Rob has worked as an economic advisor in HM Treasury leading on energy market issues, as well as the Department of Energy and Climate Change, covering a range of issues such as new nuclear power, electricity market reform, retail markets and carbon capture and storage.

Anthony Pygram


Anthony Pygram is partner for Consumers at Ofgem, responsible for how domestic (including vulnerable) and business consumers interact with suppliers and third-party intermediaries. He took up this role in July 2016. He joined Ofgem as associate partner for Enforcement and Competition Policy in 2011, becoming partner in the same area in 2013. During this time he led the delivery of a large portfolio of investigations whilst overseeing a significant change management programme for the enforcement function. From July to December 2015 Anthony also headed up Ofgem’s Sustainable Development Division.

Before joining Ofgem Anthony was an Inquiry Director at the Competition Commission, leading, amongst other things, investigations into payment protection insurance and whether BAA should be required to sell Stansted Airport. Anthony’s early career was in research and development of industrial materials.

Paul Fisher photo

Paul Fisher

Project Director

Paul joined Ofgem E-Serve in April 2014 and is now seconded to our Consumers & Competition Division as Project Director with responsibility for implementing one of the CMA’s key recommendations for improving consumer engagement in the domestic and micro-business retail markets.      

Before joining us, Paul held a number of senior leadership, policy and project management roles at the UK Department for Work and Pensions. At Jobcentre Plus, he gained four years’ experience leading operational units as an area manager in London and the Home Counties. After university, he started his career as a management consultant with Accenture plc, where he specialised in providing clients with change management services. 

He holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and is working towards his MBA at Warwick Business School.

Philip Cullum


Philip is a partner in the Consumers and Competition division, currently on secondment to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission until early 2017. He was previously consumers & sustainability partner, when his responsibilities included consumer protection and redress, vulnerability, and research and insight, as well as work on future consumers and better regulation. He also sat on the Ofgem E-Serve board. 

Before joining Ofgem, Philip had senior roles in three UK consumer organisations, and also worked for Accenture and a small market research agency. He currently sits in a personal capacity on the Southern Water customer advisory panel. He is a former member of the government’s Regulatory Policy Committee and the Civil Aviation Authority consumer panel, and he chaired the Food Standards Agency advisory committee on consumer engagement.

Jonathan Spence

Partner, Legal

Jonathan joined Ofgem in March 2014 as the head of the legal team in our Markets division and is now head of the legal team in Consumers and Competition. In this role Jonathan is also responsible for leading on competition law matters across Ofgem..

Prior to joining us, Jonathan was a senior competition lawyer working in Herbert Smith Freehills LLP’s Competition, Regulation and Trade team and has worked for over 12 years as a competition lawyer in the City advising on a wide range of competition and regulatory matters.

Neil Barnes

Associate Partner

Neil Barnes is an associate partner in the Consumers & Competition division. He is responsible for retail market monitoring and consumer research, for policy maintenance and development in relation to domestic consumers and retail energy markets, and for the project aiming to move towards greater use of principles in the way Ofgem regulates the retail market.

Neil previously led the policy design phase of the GB smart metering implementation programme, which was delivered jointly with DECC in March 2011, and the development of Ofgem’s strategy to promote smarter energy markets from the platform of smart metering, which was published in July 2012.

Prior to joining Ofgem in 2008, Neil worked for over ten years at HM Treasury as a senior economic adviser on a range of policy areas including competition, energy and financial services. During this time he spent time on secondment to the European Commission’s Competition Directorate-General.

Rachel Clark photo

Rachel Clark

Director, Switching Programme

Rachel is the Programme Director for the Faster and More Reliable Switching Programme, overseeing the development and implementation of new switching arrangements.

Prior to joining Ofgem in 2016 Rachel worked in central government and other public sector bodies, specialising in regulatory policy and delivery.

Anna Rossington

Associate Partner

Anna is the associate partner leading work on retail price protections, including the prepayment and vulnerable safeguard tariffs, and the government’s cap on default tariffs. She also leads teams on retail market monitoring, consumer research and behavioural insight. 

Prior to this Anna led teams responsible for improving and coordinating knowledge management throughout Ofgem and creating the decision support tools as part of the new governance framework. She also led the RIIO-ED1 price control review in electricity distribution.

Anna is a qualified engineer, and started work as a management consultant, moving from one of the big consultancies to setting up a specialist firm. She moved to Belize where she led the rate setting team in the utilities regulator. On returning to the UK she joined Ofgem and worked on the DPCR5 and RIIO-GD1 price control reviews, as well as leading policy development for the distribution networks.

Energy Systems

Andrew Wright

Senior Partner

Andrew joined us in January 2008 with more than 25 years of experience in the gas and electricity sector, most recently at UBS where he was a senior equity research analyst covering UK utilities. For more than five years he led the Markets division, before becoming interim chief executive in June 2013 and group finance director in April 2014.

Prior to this, Andrew was head of European utilities research at Cazenove & Co and the UK Electricity and Gas Analyst at Merrill Lynch (formerly Smith Newcourt). Before his time in the City, Andrew worked in the electricity industry during its privatisation, spending six years with Manweb, the regional electricity company, in a variety of management and strategic roles.

Earlier in his career, Andrew worked as a consultant at Caminus Energy and as a research associate in the Energy Research Group at Cambridge University.

Frances Warburton


Frances joined Ofgem in January 2015 and is the partner for Energy Systems Integration, with responsibility for the integration and transition of energy systems. This involves overseeing all aspects of network charging and access across the electricity and gas networks, and helping to lead the Future Energy Systems initiative.

Before joining Ofgem, Frances was a director in the Economic Advisory Practice at EY where she specialised in the energy sector. Prior to that, she was a competition investigation director at the Office of Fair Trading. Frances has a masters degree in economics from LSE and a bachelors degree in engineering physics. 

Cathryn Scott

Partner, Legal

Cathryn joined in 2013 as the legal director for E-Serve environmental schemes and our offshore transmission tenders regime, and has headed up the Energy Systems legal team since 2016. She is also Partner for Wholesale Markets, leading on Ofgem’s oversight of the wholesale energy market, gas systems issues and settlement reform.

Cathryn has worked in both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining us, Cathryn was the deputy general counsel at the Department for Transport, having previously headed up teams advising on aviation and rail regulation. She has extensive competition, regulatory and procurement law experience, having also worked for the Competition Commission and Linklaters EU and Competition Group. Previously, she worked in the litigation division of the Treasury Solicitor’s Department and as Assistant European Speakers Counsel at the House of Commons.

She holds a PhD from the European University Institute in Florence.

Philippa Pickford

Associate Partner

Philippa was appointed as Associate Partner, Wholesale Markets in January 2015.  Since February 2017, she has been leading Ofgem’s regulation of National Grid as electricity System Operator and our work to transition to a more independent System Operator with increased roles and responsibilities.  Before this, she had responsibilities for leading Ofgem’s monitoring of the wholesale energy market and our work in respect of energy markets security of supply policy.  She also led the Market Conduct team as the arrangements for overseeing REMIT were established.

Philippa's previous experience includes leading Ofgem’s Smarter Metering team with responsibility for co-ordinating Ofgem’s interaction with DECC’s Smart Metering Implementation Programme to ensure a robust regulatory framework for smart metering in the interests of consumers.  She has also contributed to a wide range of projects within Ofgem including introducing and overseeing National Grid’s System Operator incentive schemes, rules relating to green tariffs, cash out reform, the regulatory arrangements associated with the sale of National Grid’s Distribution Networks and the New Electricity Trading Arrangements where she had specific responsibility for the implementation of the Connection and Use of System Code. 

Andrew Burgess

Associate Partner, Energy Systems Integration

Andy leads Ofgem’s work on electricity access and non-residual charging and the teams dealing with emerging issues such as storage, local energy and electric vehicles. He led for Ofgem on the joint Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan with Government and jointly chairs the Ofgem-BEIS Smart Systems Forum.

Andy is also a member of Ofgem’s Enforcement Oversight Board. Previously, he was Associate Partner in our networks divisions leading at various times on electricity and gas transmission and distribution policy and regulation of energy networks generally, and before that Head of Enforcement and Competition Policy. 

Andy is Vice-chair of the CEER (European Regulators) Distribution Systems Working Group, Chair of the CEER Smart Grids Co-ordination Task Force, and a member of the Bureau of the OECD Network of Economic Regulators.

Mark Copley

Associate Partner

Mark joined us as associate partner, European markets and coordination in January 2014, following three years with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) in Brussels.

Mark leads projects on the development of European and British wholesale markets and is the vice chair of the Electricity Working Group of European Regulators.  He particularly focuses on the incentivisation of the system operator and the design and effective functioning of intraday, day ahead and balancing markets.  

An economist by background, Mark was previously an economic consultant with CEPA where he worked with clients across regulated sectors. He began his energy sector career with us in 2003.

Sukhinder Lalli

Associate Partner, Legal

Sukhinder joined Ofgem in October 2011 and is an associate partner in our Energy Systems Division.

He is responsible, together with the legal partner, for managing and leading the Energy Systems Legal team.

The Energy Systems team has responsibility for delivering legal advice on a wide range of matters, spanning work on wholesale gas and electricity markets, regulating energy trading, EU law and system operation.

Sukhinder began his career in private practice undertaking insurance litigation. He has extensive public law experience having previously worked at The Treasury Solicitor’s Department undertaking high profile public law litigation for different Government departments and as an advisory lawyer at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, where he was responsible for drafting and advising on legislation related to nuclear generation and nuclear security.


Jonathan Brearley

Jonathan Brearley

Senior Partner, Networks

Jonathan joined Ofgem in May 2016. He leads Ofgem’s work regulating the monopoly energy networks. 

He is responsible for energy systems strategy, leads on regulation of price controls for the distribution and transmission networks for gas and electricity (RIIO) and leads on the interconnector and offshore transmission regimes. 

He has wide-ranging energy sector experience, having led Electricity Market Reform as the Director for Energy Markets and Networks at DECC. Prior to this, he was Director of the Office of Climate Change, a cross-government strategy unit focussed on climate change and energy issues.

Earlier in his career, Jonathan was a senior adviser in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics from Glasgow University and a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

Peter Bingham

Peter Bingham

Chief Engineer

Peter Bingham joined Ofgem in May 2017 as Chief Engineer. He is responsible for leading Ofgem’s engineering profession, promoting the quality of technical analysis across Ofgem and developing technical capabilities to ensure regulatory policy takes full account of the underlying technical drivers associated with networks, system operation and markets into the future. He represents Ofgem on technical matters with the industry, sharing Ofgem’s views on relevant developments in engineering and technology whilst ensuring stakeholder views on these developments are fed back to Ofgem. 

Prior to joining Ofgem, Peter worked as a consultant with Baringa and PA Consulting, advising investors and utilities on matters associated with the growing need for flexibility in the electricity system as energy is decarbonised. This followed a 25-year career working at National Grid, where he held a variety of senior leadership positions across Gas and Electricity, Transmission and Distribution, in the UK and in the US. He began his career as a Power System Design Engineer, before taking on a diverse range of roles across electricity system operations, regulatory policy, network sales, gas operations and energy policy. Peter is a Chartered Engineer, with an engineering degree from Imperial College and a MBA from Warwick University.

Akshay Kaul profile photo

Akshay Kaul


Akshay is responsible for the delivery of the three multi-billion pound investment regimes that introduce competition in the onshore and offshore transmission, and cross-border interconnection sectors. He also provides commercial expertise across the Networks division, and more widely across Ofgem.  

Prior to joining Ofgem, Akshay was on secondment from HM Treasury to Transport for London, where he led TfL’s work on transforming the funding of transport infrastructure in London by capturing the uplift in land and property values associated with transport projects such as Barking Riverside Extension, Crossrail 2 and the Bakerloo Line Extension. This followed a spell of five years at HM Treasury, where Akshay directed energy and transport projects for Infrastructure UK, a specialist infrastructure unit within the Treasury responsible for the planning, prioritisation, funding, financing and delivery of economic infrastructure. He has been involved in the design and delivery of electricity market reform, the competition for carbon capture and storage, the development of the new nuclear energy programme, the reform of the strategic roads network and regeneration projects such as the Northern Line extension to Battersea Power Station in London, the UK’s first large scale tax increment financing scheme. He also directed the production of the National Infrastructure Plan in 2011.

Earlier in his career, Akshay worked for ten years with Partnerships UK, a joint venture between HM Treasury and the private sector, on the delivery of projects in the transport, health, education and housing sectors under the Government’s private finance initiative. He started his career in India, where he worked in investment banking and project finance for energy, transport and industrial projects for the IL&FS Group, a major Indian financial institution. Akshay studied economics, finance, management, and bioscience, at the London School of Economics, the universities of London and Delhi, and the Indian Institute of Management.

Kersti Berge


Kersti is the partner for electricity transmission and also head of Ofgem in Scotland. She is responsible for liaising with key Scottish stakeholders and manages Ofgem’s office in Glasgow.  As Partner for electricity transmission, she leads Ofgem’s work on electricity transmission, including charging, investment and connection policy.  Prior to that she headed the Research and Analysis team in the Markets division where she was responsible for competition analysis, market surveillance and security of supply. 

Before joining Ofgem, Kersti was a senior economic advisor at the Treasury where she was responsible for the medium term growth forecast. Prior to that she was a lecturer in economics at Oxford University.

David Ashbourne

Partner, Legal

David moved to our Network's Division in 2004 as legal director, and is now legal partner for what is now the Smarter Grids and Governance Division and Legal Adviser to GEMA.

David joined us in October 2003 as a senior lawyer. He began his career in housing and the environment, managing major regeneration projects in the inner city. He moved into the energy sector joining British Gas's South Eastern Region, progressing to the role of regional solicitor. He joined the British Gas pre-Network Code Gas Transportation Division and was then appointed Head of Transco's Central Legal Team in 1994.

He was involved in the development of the Network Code, the MMC Inquiry, the Centrica Demerger and the subsequent formation of Lattice on the demerger of Transco from BG. He set up the regulatory compliance function at Transco and was involved in the separation of the metering business.

Min Zhu

Associate Partner

Min Zhu took on the role of associate partner, electricity transmission in March 2015. She is currently responsible for a number of areas of the electricity transmission regulatory regime including: assessing and determining efficient costs of major electricity transmission investment projects onshore and offshore, monitoring performance of electricity transmission companies under price control, and leading technical inputs into Ofgem’s wider regulation policy. She has previously been an associate director of offshore transmission and has led other network regulation policy areas in Ofgem, including network investment funding and incentives as part of gas and electricity network price controls, transmission tarification and access arrangements, security and quality of supply standards. She was seconded to the European energy regulator ACER for one year in 2011/12.

Prior to joining Ofgem in 2003, Min held various posts in system planning and commercial development departments in National Grid. She has a PhD in electrical engineering from Imperial College, London, and is a Chartered Engineer.

Declan Tomany

Associate Partner, Legal

Declan joined our Network’s Division in 2007. He has been involved in the delivery of key regulatory projects, including RPI-X@20, Distribution Losses, RIIO ED1 appeals and TransmiT. He also had responsibility for Industry Codes & Licensing and was involved in the delivery of Code Governance Review (CGR) 2 and the development of CGR 3. He joined the Government Legal Service in 2001 and worked for Defra in a litigation role until 2007.

Marcia Poletti photo

Marcia Poletti

Associate Partner

Marcia joined Ofgem in 2017. As an associate partner, networks strategy and programme she has responsibility for developing the new price control for distribution and transmission (RIIO2), and is the project director for a combined network and energy systems strategy.

Prior to joining Ofgem Marcia worked for the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Office of Fair Trading and before that in management consulting where she advised on energy strategy and organisational design. Marcia has a background in mathematical engineering and an MBA from INSEAD, France.

Steven MCMahon

Steven McMahon

Associate Partner

Steven joined Ofgem in 2017 as an Associate Partner and leads the networks teams overseeing the RIIO price controls for electricity transmission and distribution. As part of this role he has responsibility for policy decisions for the regulated electricity networks and leads Ofgem’s assessment of network company delivery and performance under the current RIIO price controls. 

Prior to joining Ofgem Steven worked for Transport Scotland as Head of Rail Strategy and Funding where he was responsible for setting the outputs and funding for Network Rail in Scotland through the regulatory periodic review process, developing and implementing the Scottish Government’s strategy for rail, and managing the overall funding of the rail infrastructure and services programme in Scotland. An economist by background, Steven joined the Government Economic Service in 2002 and held a number of roles across the Scottish and UK Government.

Corporate Services

Sarah Cox

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Cox joined Ofgem as Chief Operating Officer in May 2016. She is responsible for ensuring the efficient structure and running of the organisation along with the successful implementation of Ofgem’s strategic priorities and delivery of its Forward Work Programme. Sarah is Senior Responsible Officer for the Great Working Environment Programme, bringing people together in new locations in London and Glasgow in newly designed premises that support smarter and more flexible working. Sarah also works closely with the UK regulatory network business improvement forum focussing on identifying key improvements and with a lead role in the joint shared services initiative.

Prior to joining Ofgem Sarah held senior posts in the Cabinet Office and DWP. Her roles include Head of Project Delivery and Digital Development in DWP, Director for Universal Credit Programme Co-ordination in DWP, Head of Business Planning and Programme Management for the London 2012 Olympics and Director for Strategy and Planning in the Cabinet Office.

Milton James

Director, Information Management and Technology

Milton James is responsible for the management of the Information systems, technology and processes that support and deliver Ofgem’s business services. This includes ensuring core systems and services operate in an efficient and cost effective manner; developing and delivering an Information Technology strategy; and building flexible online systems and applications to support business requirements. Milton is additionally responsible for the Information Management strategy with a view to developing Ofgem’s knowledge management and protecting its intellectual assets.

Milton joined Ofgem in May 2012 bringing with him extensive leadership and management experience gained from a number of senior posts in organisations including BGL, Nominet, Reuters, UBS, Deutsche Bank and CSFB.

Richard Fawssett  

Programme Director, Great Working Environment

Richard was appointed programme director, greater working environment in January 2016. He is responsible for overseeing the office relocation and the introduction of smarter working practices incorporating a technology refresh.

Prior to this he was associate director, procurement and estates where he was responsible for all procurement activity, as well as the management of the Building Services teams in London and Glasgow, including internal sustainability.

Richard joined Ofgas in 1998 shortly before the merger with Offer to form Ofgem. He has held a number of senior positions in Operations including head of corporate services, and head of finance & business management.

Richard’s earlier career was in international & investment banking where his roles were primarily in lending and credit risk. Richard graduated from UMIST with a BSc (Hons) in Management Science.

Paul Heseltine

Associate Director, Finance and Risk Management

Paul was appointed associate director, finance and risk management in July 2008. He was previously head of finance, and before that our chief accountant.

Paul is responsible for finance and risk related services including Management Information, Accounting Operations, Procurement, Risk Strategy, Fossil Fuel Levy, Financial Reporting and Payroll. He also carries the title head of finance professionalism for government purposes.

Paul joined us in 2003 from the Office of Telecommunications where he was head of finance and responsible for finance policy including the implementation of Resource Accounting and Budgeting.

Julie Black

Associate Director, Business Insight and Change

Julie joined us in July 2014 and provides leadership across portfolio, programme and project management at Ofgem.  With a strong focus on business processes, efficiency and commercial best practice, she also oversees  operational performance management for our regulatory functions.

Julie brings experience from private and public sectors in a number of project and operational management roles.

Prior to joining Ofgem, Julie was portfolio manager at the Bank of England, and as head of data and systems at the Department for Education, delivered pupil results for National Curriculum Tests.   Previously Julie spent 10 years at Lotus Engineering as senior project engineer, leading the supply chain for new product introduction and delivering automotive consultancy projects across  Europe, USA and Asia.

Sue Allis

Sue Allis

Associate Director, HR

As a fellow of the CIPD, Sue has spent 25 years in HR with experience in different sectors including Barclays Bank PLC and various Public Sector organisations. 

Sue has project managed shared services from procurement to implementation, introduced the HRBP model, managed operational HR teams, and delivered complex transformational change projects. Sue is responsible for the delivery of HR services to Ofgem including workforce planning, talent management, leadership development, career development, reward and recognition, resourcing, performance management and policy development. 

Sue set herself up as an interim in 2006 and having joined Ofgem as an interim in 2012, it was here that Sue decided to return to permanent employment in 2014 and took up her current position in May 2016.