Warm Home Discount Annual Report: Scheme Year 10

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The Warm Home Discount (WHD) annual report covers activity during the scheme’s tenth year (SY10), 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. It details the achievements of participating suppliers against their obligations as well as providing information on incidents of non-compliance.


  • During SY10 obligated suppliers spent nearly £351m supporting customers by providing rebates and through Industry Initiatives .
  • Low-income pensioners received over 1m rebates through the Core Group totalling more than £143.9m. A further 1.2m customers who were in or at risk of fuel poverty received Broader Group rebates, which is nearly £172.9m in support provided.
  • In SY10 suppliers spent £33.9m on Industry Initiatives which allow suppliers to provide different types of support to fuel poor customers. In total, suppliers funded 45 different Industry Initiatives, including seven collaborations between suppliers.
  • In total, 25 suppliers were initially obligated under the WHD scheme in SY10. Over the course of SY10, four suppliers exited the market, reducing the number of obligated suppliers at the end of the year to 21. 
  • One supplier was found to be non-compliant with their WHD obligation during SY10. However, all suppliers met their individual spending obligations.

Please note: For those who wish to look at the data used in the report in more detail, a spreadsheet with this information is published below.