Ofgem Consumer First Panel, Year 9, Wave 3, Future of the Energy Market

Reports, plans and updates

In November 2017, we issued a call for evidence on the future of supply market arrangements. We sought stakeholder views on barriers to innovation, options for default supply arrangements for consumers that do not engage in the market, and protection for all consumers regardless of how they access their energy supply.

Consumer views are an important input to our policy thinking and so, in March 2018, we asked our Consumer First Panellists to share their thoughts on some hypothetical default arrangements where Ofgem or other third parties might switch less engaged consumers to a more affordable deal (by default arrangements we mean the arrangements in place to ensure that consumers are always able to access supply and are protected – regardless of their level of engagement). We also asked panellists to consider who they would feel comfortable providing their energy supply if they were on default arrangements, and reflect on engagement in a future energy market.

These consumer views will support our early thinking as we consider alternative, longer-term default arrangements that ensure all consumers are able to share in the benefits of competition.

To follow up with us on this research, or for anything else related to our work on future retail markets, please contact the team at futuresupply@ofgem.gov.uk.