Green Gas Levy default register

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  • GGL
  • GGSS

The default register was last updated: 29 May 2024.

If a licensed gas supplier fails to meet certain obligations by the deadline, we are required by the Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS) Regulations to publish certain information about such a default on the Green Gas Levy (GGL) default register. This includes information about:

  • the obligation that the supplier did not meet
  • where applicable, the date the outstanding sum was paid  
  • any financial penalty imposed
  • any other information in relation to a scheme supplier’s compliance with the GGSS Regulations that Ofgem considers appropriate.

Should a supplier who has been reported on the default register as failing to meet an obligation subsequently be determined to be exempt for that year, we will also ensure that this is recorded on the default register against any relevant entries.

We’ll publish information as soon as reasonably practicable relating to suppliers who have, by the relevant and specified timeframes, failed to:

  • make a full quarterly levy payment
  • lodge full or additional credit cover
  • make a full mutualisation payment 
  • pay any interest

We’ll also publish details relating to any financial penalty imposed and any other information in relation to suppliers’ compliance with the GGL that is appropriate (e.g. failure to provide or verify meter point data by the required deadline).

We’re required to keep any published information on the register for at least one year.

Listing incidents of non-compliance on the default register and SPR does not mean that enforcement action will be taken in respect of them. If enforcement action is pursued there will be other related publications.

Supplier Performance Report 

We’ll also report any non-compliance with the Green Gas Levy in our Supplier Performance Report (SPR). The SPR provides information on supplier non-compliance across the environmental, energy efficiency and social programme schemes we administer. We update the SPR every six months.