Ofgem consumer research

Our role

Ofgem works to protect energy consumers. To ensure that our regulatory decision-making is informed by the views, experiences and needs of Britain’s energy consumers we regularly conduct research with consumers. 

Our research programme helps us to understand a wide range of consumers, including business consumers and those in vulnerable situations.

We develop this understanding further by:

  • commissioning independent qualitative and quantitative consumer research;
  • using behavioural science expertise to apply a behavioural lens to internal and external challenges involving consumers;
  • conducting research in-house in response to topical issues;
  • reviewing research and evidence published by a variety of other organisations

The research we carry out or commission is published below in reports and presentations so that government, industry and consumer groups can access it. 

Further information

If you would like to request further data or have any queries please email consumer.first@ofgem.gov.uk

Publications and updates