Energy advice for businesses

Official help on businesses energy complaints, microbusiness gas or electricity and advice on energy efficiency schemes from Great Britain’s energy regulator, Ofgem.

Making sure the energy market works fairly for you

We’re the energy regulator for Great Britain. We make sure the energy market works fairly for you.

Energy is essential for most businesses, from working laptops or factory machinery to lighting and heating your office space. Your needs differ from an average household; you will need to be aware of a number of things when making your commercial energy choices.

Here you can find out how business energy contracts work and what to check when choosing a tariff or supplier, or using an energy broker. We also explain who you can talk to if you need extra help, have difficulties with your business energy supply or want to complain. Get greener and save money on your energy too, with our guide on energy efficiency schemes and grants.  

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can ask us on Twitter too.