ECO2t appropriate guarantees


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This document lists the guarantees that Ofgem has reviewed and consider to meet the criteria for an appropriate guarantee under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

We have updated this document to reflect the extension to the ECO scheme, known as the ECO2 transition (ECO2t).

In this update there have been no changes to the guarantee providers that provide ECO appropriate guarantees.

You can view the previous versions of ECO appropriate guarantees on our website. 

Update 27 March 2018 (Version 7)

We have published an amendment to our appropriate guarantee document. The new version reflects that the guarantee BTGGPI05 will not be considered an ECO Appropriate Guarantee from 1 April 2018.

Update 7 June 2018 (Version 8)

The new version of this document reflects that GDGC ECO Installer Guarantee (EEGGDG06) has been superseded by GDGC Domestic Property Insurance Backed Guarantee (GDGQAS01). This new code should be used for measures installed from 01 May 2018 with a GDGC guarantee.