Changes to the Non-domestic RHI regulations (October 2018)


Publication date

Scheme name

Non-Domestic RHI

The regulations for the Non-Domestic RHI schemes have been amended and introduce a number of changes.

Summary of the changes

As of 1 October 2018 the Non-Domestic RHI regulations:

  • allow participants of the RHI scheme to replace their accredited installation under certain circumstances. The aim of this change is to enable participants whose plant may break down to replace their plant and stay on the same tariff for the remainder of their participation on the scheme.
  • change the circumstances under which ‘estimated data’ can be submitted
  • clarify that all RHI installations must have the necessary environmental permits and must continue to comply with all local and national laws including those related to the environment.

More information on this change, and all other changes introduced as part of these regulation amendments, can be found in BEIS' government response and the latest RHI regulations. In addition, further information on these changes can be found in Ofgem’s Non-domestic RHI guidance.