Guarantees of Origin (GoOs)

As of 1 January 2021, the EU no longer recognises UK Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs). From the disclosure period beginning 1 April 2023 and onwards, GoOs are no longer recognised for use in GB FMD, FIT annual levelisation, or CfD. We also expect market participants to be able to meet proof of supply to GB requirements. 

The Government will ensure that Great Britain and Northern Ireland will continue to issue REGOs to allow electricity suppliers in the UK to comply with their Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD) obligations. 

Use in Fuel Mix Disclosure and Feed-in Tariffs levelisation

GoOs label electricity from renewable sources to provide information to electricity customers on the source of their energy. They are used by suppliers for FMD compliance along with GB-issued REGOs to show how much renewable electricity they have supplied in the previous year. 

GoOs were also used by suppliers to exempt themselves from some of their FIT costs via the FIT levelisation process. The 2022-23 reporting period was the last time that GoOs were used for these exemptions. 

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