Registered social and private landlords

Key points for landlords

If your organisation has built new homes with renewable heating systems, unfortunately, they’re not eligible  for the DRHI scheme. The renewable heating system can’t have been commissioned and providing heat before it was occupied. There is an exception to this, please read our essential guide, section 2 for full details.

Who can complete the DRHI application?

Where an organisation  owns a heating system and makes an application, one person must be nominated to act on its behalf and be the primary contact for the account. The nominated person will need to provide personal information so we can complete identity checks alongside an organisation authorised representative letter. The nominated person will then be able to add additional users as administrators to complete applications.

How to submit multiple applications

After submitting your first application, we will verify that the nominated person is applying on behalf of an organisation. You may be requested to provide additional information. After that we’ll either approve your application, ask you to supply additional information or reject it.

When you pass the initial questions on the application form, you'll be asked to create a username and password and set up an online account on MyRHI. Once your account is set up, you can make subsequent applications. Our guide to MyRHI can help with this.

Once your first application has been approved, you won’t have to go through the whole process again for remaining applications.

We may be able to verify your future applications automatically, you’ll see an onscreen message saying they’ve been approved. If not, you’ll receive the ‘under review’ message.

Find out about Eligible Heating Systems

Check the scheme rules

Everyone joining the DRHI must stick to the scheme rules for each accredited heating system for the whole seven years' payment lifetime. It’s your responsibility to make sure you stay compliant. Because scheme payments come from the public purse, we run a full audit programme of checks and visits. Anyone can be selected at any time and we may visit the property. It’s therefore your responsibility to make sure your tenants are aware of this. You can find out more by visiting our webpages on audit checks.

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