Eligible heating systems

New regulations came into effect on 22 May 2018. For information on what the Government changes mean for you, please see our webpage changes to the scheme.

To apply for the Domestic RHI, your renewable heating system needs to be one of the four technology types eligible for the scheme. It must also meet specific technical requirements and provide heat for a permitted use.

Which renewable technologies are eligible?

There are four eligible renewable technology types. These are:

  1. biomass only boilers, and biomass pellet stoves
  2. air source heat pumps
  3. ground source heat pumps
  4. flat plate and evacuated tube solar thermal panels.

Product check

As well as being one of the four eligible technology types, you should check that the make and model of your product appears on the Product Eligibility List (PEL).

For products showing as ‘to be determined’ on the Product Eligibility List:

  • If a heating system is listed as ‘to be determined’ on the PEL, it means that we haven’t yet received all of the information we need from the product manufacturer. See our PEL publication page for more information on what you’ll need to do.

Check heat uses

You’ll see from the table below that there are restrictions on what the heat produced can be used for.

Please note

Space heating must be delivered by a liquid medium, such as a radiator. Domestic hot water heating means hot water used for purposes other than space heating or heating a swimming pool.

For more information on heating system type, read Section 3, 'Requirements for heating systems' in our Essential Guide for Applicants.

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