Compare gas and electricity tariffs: Ofgem-accredited price comparison sites

Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

Use an Ofgem accredited price comparison website

We've approved a number of price comparison sites that are a good place to look if you want to compare energy supplier deals and energy tariffs. These websites comply with a code of practice: The Confidence Code.


Why choose a Confidence Code comparison service?

The Confidence Code is a code of practice to govern independent energy price comparison sites and how they operate their services. Ofgem accredits sites to the Code. This means that if you use an accredited website, you can be sure that the prices and options displayed have been calculated fairly in an unbiased way.

We regularly review the code to make sure it provides the right protections for consumers.

Comparison sites bearing the Confidence Code logo:

  • help you find the best deal for you in your local area
  • provide a free and easy-to-use switching service
  • give detailed information on each tariff, including gas and electricity unit prices
  • detail any discounts available.

See the Confidence Code code of practice for full details on the rules accredited sites must stick to.

    Queries and complaints

    Queries about the Confidence Code

    Please contact our code manager if you have queries about the Confidence Code or run an energy price comparison site and you want to apply to become a member of the Confidence Code.


    Complaints about Ofgem-accredited energy price comparison sites

    Price comparison sites accredited under the Confidence Code must operate an effective complaints process. If you have a complaint, you should first contact the comparison site to tell them and so they can try to resolve it. 

    If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can then contact Ofgem so we can raise this with the comparison site. 

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