State of the energy market 2017

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In March 2014, Ofgem referred the energy market to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), because we assessed that it was not working as well as it could. This State of the Market Report is Ofgem’s first annual assessment of Great Britain’s energy markets since the CMA concluded its investigation in June 2016.

The report follows on from our previous Wholesale Energy Markets in 2016 and Retail Energy Markets in 2016 monitoring reports. It brings together analysis published by us and others, and includes new analysis that provides further insights on some of the key issues. The report focuses on energy markets and does not assess the state of energy networks.

It has four chapters, which cover the outcomes that Ofgem expects the market to deliver for consumers: lower bills, better social outcomes, lower environmental impacts, and improved reliability and safety.

You can view a summary of the report below and download it in full at the bottom of this page.

State of the energy market report 2017: At-a-glance summary 

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