Retail energy markets in 2016

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This report is our annual update on the retail energy markets in Great Britain (GB). It shows the main trends in the retail markets for gas and electricity over the last year, including how the markets contribute to the outcomes we want for consumers, as outlined in our corporate strategy.

The report draws on our ongoing monitoring activities. It is part of a wider package of monitoring publications, including an annual report looking at recent developments in the wholesale markets, a report on trends in liquidity in the wholesale electricity market, and energy market indicators, which we will regularly update throughout the year.

The report is not an assessment of how well competition is working in the retail markets, given the recently-concluded investigation of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), nor do we aim to replicate its analysis here. The evidence in this report is consistent with the CMA’s findings on the retail energy markets.

You can view a summary of the report below and download it in full at the bottom of this page.

Retail report 2016: At-a-glance summary