Response to ECO2 U-values consultation


We have now published our response document which summarises stakeholder’s submissions to our ECO2 consultation on requirements for overwriting wall U-values for cavity wall insulation (CWI) measures. The response document sets out how we have taken into account these submissions and explains our final policy on this area of delivery in ECO2.

As a result of this consultation we have introduced the following requirements for CWI measures with overwritten wall U-values:

  • A mandatory 'cavity wall U-value checklist' required for all CWI measures with overwritten wall U-values.
  • Thresholds have been set for each age band - if a U-value is overwritten to a value that exceeds the threshold for the relevant age band, further evidence alongside the completed checklist must be provided.
  • We reserve the right to conduct audits or further checks to monitor these new requirements and check that they are being correctly implemented.

The new policies outlined in this document will apply to all ECO2 CWI measures where the U-value has been overwritten installed from 1 June 2016.

We have set out our new requirements in our response document. Alongside this we have published our cavity wall U-value checklist which contains further guidance about how to meet our requirements and complete the checklist.

Update 6 May 2016

Please note that on 6 May 2016 we published an updated version of our response document. This was to provide additional clarity around how a U-value should be overwritten where it exceeds the relevant threshold for CWI measures. We have reflected this amendment in the text accompanying the ECO2 cavity wall U-value checklist. These amendments do not introduce any changes to our policy.