Letter of support to facilitate the processing of the TEC Amnesty

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This is Ofgem's response to National Grid ESO (NGESO)'s request to support the enabling of the Transmission Entry Capacity (TEC) Amnesty, published separately today by NGESO. It sets out our position on the TEC Amnesty itself, its benefits, and the steps we've taken to facilitate this.

The TEC Amnesty is one of the key arms of the ESO’s 5-Point plan and our wider work on Connections Reform, following publication of our open letter in May this year. It allows contracted projects which applied during the relevant window (from September 2022 to April 2023) to terminate or reduce their TEC without incurring the usual fees.

This initiative will deliver consumer benefits by releasing up to 8GW of capacity from the electricity transmission queue and is an important step in improving the current delays in connection offers, alongside other reforms, supporting timely progress towards our net zero targets.