Energy Company Obligation 2015-17 (ECO2) Guidance: Administration


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The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government energy efficiency scheme for Great Britain, administered by Ofgem. Our guidance documents provide information on the legislative requirements of the ECO2 Order and our administrative processes.

We have split the ECO2 Guidance into two parts.

  1. ECO2 Guidance: Administration, and
  2. ECO2 Guidance: Delivery.

The administration guidance is aimed mainly at suppliers, describing the processes that suppliers and Ofgem follow to meet the requirements of the ECO2 Order. It addresses the following:

  • when a supplier is obligated under ECO2 and how its obligations are set
  • details of the provisional solid wall minimum requirement and solid wall minimum requirement
  • how suppliers notify completed ECO measures
  • how suppliers can apply to credit surplus actions towards their ECO2 obligations
  • the application process for transfers and re-elections, and
  • our role as the ECO administrator.

On 1 December 2015 this document was updated to Version 1.1 in order to incorporate updates to the fair processing notice and simplifications to the re-election and transfer processes. These changes were already in effect at the time of publication.

Previous versions of the guidance apply to ECO measures notified, or applications made, before 1 December 2015.

The table below lists the current and previous versions of the ECO2 Guidance: Administration and the dates they came into effect. Where the reissuing of this guidance document is to incorporate or align with documents that have already been published, the original date of effect of those documents is unaffected.

Document name  

Document date of effect

Energy Company Obligation 2015-17 (ECO2) Guidance: Administration (Version 1.1)

1 December 2015

Energy Company Obligation 2015-17 (ECO2) Guidance: Administration (Version 1.0)

1 April 2015