Electricity Network Access and Forward-Looking Charging Review: Open Letter on our shortlisted policy options

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In December 2018, we launched a Significant Code Review (SCR) into electricty network access and forward-looking charging. The objective of the SCR is to ensure that electricity networks are used efficiently and flexibly, reflecting users’ needs and allowing consumers to benefit from new technologies and services while avoiding unnecessary costs on energy bills in general.

This Open Letter and its annexes set out the options we are shortlisting for more detailed assessment, and those we are not. Last year we published two working papers, with a series of discussion notes which outlined our view of the options for reform. This Open Letter is the result of our further consideration of those options.

We would welcome any comments on this paper by Monday 6 April 2020, and in particular from those stakeholders who have not been able to engage with us via the Charging Futures Forum (CFF) or the Access SCR working groups. Please send your responses to FutureChargingandAccess@ofgem.gov.uk.