Electricity Network Access and Forward-Looking Charging Review - Significant Code Review launch and wider decision


Following our consultation in Summer, we have published our decision on the scope and form of review of Electricity Access and Forward-looking Charging. As part of this we have decided to launch a Significant Code Review (SCR). Please find our decision letter and appendices below.

We are launching the Access and Forward-looking Charging SCR and setting out areas we expect industry to take forward in a wider review, with the objective of ensuring that electricity networks are used efficiently and flexibly, reflecting users’ needs and allowing consumers to benefit from new technologies and services while avoiding unnecessary costs on energy bills in general. We believe an SCR is the best tool available for us to successfully manage the complex and interrelated questions which may need changes across multiple industry codes to deliver this objective. We also highlight areas we think should be reviewed, but which we believe that industry and other stakeholders should take forward outside the SCR.