ECO4 Supplier Data Dictionary


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This document provides information to assist suppliers in completing the ECO4 notification templates for projects and measures. It contains a description of every field on the templates, the acceptable data that may be entered in those fields and the circumstances under which this data should be included. Suppliers should only use the most recent version of the dictionary and templates.

Version updates

Version 1.2 (17 August 2023)

This version reflects the legislative amendment to ECO4 that came into force on 14 August 2023. Please use version 1.2 for measures installed on or after 17 August 2023. 

Version 1.2 changes how the pre-main heat source should be notified for Solar PV measures. The installation of a solar PV measure will require the notification of the home’s heating system at the start of a project to determine if a new electric heating system is required. To support this, the Scores Matrix will enable solar PV measures to be notified with the full range of pre main heat sources (see table 21 of the ECO4 Delivery Guidance).

Version 1.1 (25 May 2023)

Version 1.1 of the project template added new field ‘Rejection_Adjusted_Finishing_SAP_Rating’ and changed the name of the field ‘BFR_Repair_Cost’ to ‘SWMR_Conditions_Met’.

The project and measure notification templates are also available on this page.