Draft ECO4 Guidance: Interim Delivery

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The draft version of the Interim Delivery guidance allows stakeholders to review our proposed administration for the ECO4 policy on Interim Delivery. You may provide suggestions for changes or improvements to this draft guidance during a four-week review period from 22 April 2022.

We are interested in getting comments on:

  1. The overall tone and content of this guidance, including whether it is easy to read and understand.
  2. Any areas where the document could be more user friendly.

We are not conducting a formal consultation on this particular policy of ECO4.

Please provide your comments to ECO4.consultation@ofgem.gov.uk by no later than 23 May 2022.

We have published this guidance in draft to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to comment and expect to publish a final version by end of May 2022, which may include changes from the draft version.