Decision to modify the special licence conditions in the electricity transmission licences: Accelerated Strategic Transmission Investment


In December 2022 we decided to introduce a new Accelerated Strategic Transmission Investment (ASTI) regulatory framework. This framework will assess, fund and incentivise the accelerated delivery of the large, strategic onshore transmission projects required to deliver the government's ambition to connect up to 50GW of offshore wind generation to the network by 2030.

In May 2023 we consulted on the licence modifications required to give effect to our ASTI decision. Following consideration of the consultation responses, this publication details our decision to introduce three new special conditions (SpC 3.40, SpC 3.41, SpC 4.9), modify three existing special conditions (SpC 1.1, SpC 3.14, SpC 3.15), modify the Price Control Deliverable Reporting Requirements and Methodology Document and introduce a new Accelerated Strategic Transmission Investment Guidance and Submission Requirements Document.